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22 NSFW Erin Andrews Is Leaving ESPN F-Bomb Tweets


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you already know that Erin Andrews has left ESPN for a job at Fox. Rumors were circling for a few weeks now so can’t say we’re shocked, but the news has hit Pageviews’ fans pretty hard. Of course white guys on Twitter went nuts over the news they’ll be without the 34-year-old on College GameDay. It’s the end of an era for sideline reporting. Men are kinda freaking out over the future. It’s like a nasty divorce for some. 

Pageviews tweeted last night:

Going to miss my @ESPN family and the @collegegameday crew. Will always appreciate everything all of you did for me. #Respect #ThankYou

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Erin Andrews Scared By S&M Baseball Catcher At L.A. Haunted Halloween Hayride [PHOTOS]


And here I figured Pageviews was into some S&M with chains and catcher chest protectors.

Swing sex?


Ironically, in this red carpet shoot at the Los Angeles Haunted Halloween Hayride, Erin Andrews is dressed up as a former ESPN sideline reporter that nobody cares about anymore. It’s a great costume if you can find another company to pay you good money to work around 25 hours a week.

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Erin Andrews Is Amazed By David Ortiz’s Statue Of Liberty Hurricane Photo!



Guess she’s never seen The Day After Tomorrow. It’s all good, though, Pageviews came back strong with, “Ahahaha..on a plane looking at all these pics..got it..thx,” after being called out by the Twitter police.

Now that she’s in on the joke, there are all sorts of LOLs flying from her account.

now i’m crying from laughing so hard…thanks guys. RT @robisc69: @ErinAndrews it’s worse than you think

As for those of you who are worried about the NYC resident sideline reporter, she evacuated to higher ground.

Lived in Fla all my life, never had to be evacuated..Move to NYC, & now I am..off to spend the wk with my parents & puppies..stay safe NY!


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36 Women In Sports We’re Thankful For In 2012


As we sit down to eat a giant turkey sandwich while the Lions are playing the Texans, BC will reflect on all that we’re thankful for in 2012. There will be grand memories of breathing the same air as Kate Upton at the Super Bowl while on media row. There will be the memories of breathing the same air and being within an arm’s length of Brooklyn Decker at the GQ Super Bowl party.

There will be great memories of being at the same party and watching Erin Andrews tell us that Decker was her life goddess.

What other women are we thankful for in 2012? Michelle Jenneke stole our hearts. And who can forget the beach volleyball run at the Olympics by Marketa Slukova?

Enjoy your turkey and reflect. It’s a Busted Coverage tradition.

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Hey, Fox, We Want To See Pam Oliver’s Legs, Too! [PHOTOS]


During yesterday’s broadcast of the Redskins-Cowboys game we noticed something was a bit off with how FOX was treating the two sideline reporters. Erin Andrews and Pam Oliver were both reporting and got significant face time…but in totally different ways. Every time Andrews was shown, we were treated to a full body shot, showcasing her leather pants and sexy little boots. As for Pam Oliver? Face shot only! What’s the deal Fox? We want a full body shot of Pam. We want to see what she is bringing to the table!

The difference in camera shots was blatantly obvious. Every single time Pageviews was on screen we were given a great shot of her, scandalous pose and all. We weren’t the only ones to notice. @eclectik tweeted: “Erin Andrews on TV lookin like she wants it.”.

Trust us…we aren’t complaining about the extra exposure for Pageviews. She was looking as good as ever and she knew it. Her confidence was at an all-time high and we loved it. Which brings us back to our original point…why no love for Pam Oliver? Check out this photo tweeted by @IAmAlbino which shows the difference between how FOX showed Andrews and Oliver:

We’re not saying Pam is in Erin’s league…because she’s not, but it just seems a bit odd that they blatantly treated these two so differently. Time for FOX to give Pam some love! Full leg shots for everyone! Here’s to hoping this becomes a trend. Your move ESPN. Lets see some leg shots of Samantha Steele and Jenn Brown.

Here are the top tweets of football fans getting in the Thanksgiving spirit for Erin and Pam:

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Erin Andrews & Her Bronzed Legs Star On Jimmy Kimmel [PHOTOS]


Once again, here we go again with Erin Andrews and her pencil-thin legs. We were just complaining last week that Fox isn’t showing enough of Pam Oliver’s legs and badonk and then they throw Pageviews to the Kimmel show. It’s as if Oliver doesn’t exist.

Anyway, Andrews hit the late night show to talk about her work the NFL on Fox pregame show, her interactions with Terry Bradshaw and how she missed Thanksgiving with her family because she had to work.

Kimmel, the pro he is, said “Be careful,” as Andrews tried to sit in the chair while wearing this napkin. If you need to watch the who show, which includes Ryan Seacrest and Soundgarden, go here.

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Erin Andrews Mounting Chrissy Teigen On Couch At Sony 4k Party [PHOTO]



First of all, kudos to the folks at MediaTakeOut.com for paying attention to white sideline reporter chicks at L.A. parties. It seems that Erin Andrews was a guest of Chrissy Teigen’s at Thursday night’s Sony 4k party. Just another innocent night of hitting a red carpet and partying, right?

Until some dude catches you going full mount on Teigen.

It seems some guy named Kennedy Kennedy (@KennedySociety), who claims “I cater to Celebrities and the world elite in regards to all things L.A. nightlife and open the newest hottest venues,” shot this photo at the Sony party.

Must’ve been a helluva party.


Let’s not forget that EA had Fox duties on Friday afternoon.



But this comes as no surprise to us. You might remember the state we caught EA in at the GQ Super Bowl party with her other celebrity friend, Brooklyn Decker. Pageviews seems to like a couple things when she hits the red carpet: 1.) Booze and 2.) Getting very affectionate towards her straight girlfriends.

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Erin Andrews Gets Into Mini Twitter War With Wisconsin ESPN Radio Guys


Erin-Andrews-Twitter-Feud (1)

Pageviews has been relatively quiet on Twitter lately. Sure she posts her generic witty banter constantly, but her feisty side hadn’t been out in a while. Until now. Last night she sent out a pretty generic tweet about Barry Alvarez coaching Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl after the fatty Bret Bielema left for Arkansas. Yeah Erin, way to go out on a limb with that one.

Not that we’re all up in our Badgers gossip, but this rumor had been circulating amongst fans and local radio ever since Bielema left. Seeing this as an opportunity to poke fun and Andrews, ESPN Milwaukee and Madison radio guys Jason Wilde and Mitch Nelles sent out the following tweets:

Erin-Andrews-Twitter-Feud (3)

Erin-Andrews-Twitter-Feud (2)

At first glance, both these tweets seem 100% out of jest. Wilde inserts unnecessary exclamation point and Nelles threw in the corny smiley face. Andrews did not like this. You can follow the full conversation on their Twitter accounts, but here are a the highlights of feisty Pageviews. We like feisty Pageviews.

Erin-Andrews-Twitter-Feud (4)

She’s unreal. Just can’t handle a little playful Twitter banter. To make matters worse, Jimmy Traina had to get in on the conversation doing some serious Twitter sideline reporter jock-sniffing.

Erin-Andrews-Twitter-Feud (5)

Erin-Andrews-Twitter-Feud (6)

Ugh, yeah. So annoying. To quote @AndersonBenner‘@JimmyTraina jesus traina keep it in your pants’.

[@ErinAndrews] [@jasonjwilde] [@mitchnelles]

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Erin Andrews Went On Bravo Wearing This Napkin [SCREENCAPS]


With college football in a dead period Erin Andrews is making her TV rounds to make sure we don’t forget about her. She was recently on some show called Watch What Happens Live on the Bravo network. Never heard of the show? Neither have we, but that didn’t stop us from sitting through a miserable video to pull the best screencaps for you guys.

The after show interview was dominated by Lea Black, one of those dumb Real Housewives, and Pageviews was sort of left as an afterthought…until the end. A caller phoned in and had Erin on the verge of tears (note sad face screencaps). Something about her being an inspiration to her, blah, blah, blah.

The videos are below if you want to sit through them, but more importantly the 17 sexiest screencaps from the show.

Erin Andrews WWH Live: Video 1

Erin Andrews WWH Live: Video 2

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Erin Andrews Dating L.A. Kings Jarret Stoll



Erin Andrews is back in the headlines early in 2013 via news that her new boyfriend is none other than locked out L.A. Kings center Jarret Stoll. That’s Andrews, 34, and Stoll, 30, in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve with Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.

Yes, that’s the same Stoll who spent quality time in a Jacuzzi with Paulina Gretzky after winning the 2012 Stanley Cup with the Kings. That was June 26. Stoll is also famous for nearly marrying Rachel Hunter, the same woman who was married to Rod Stewart.

How smokin’ is this Stoll character? He’s smokin’.


Pageviews isn’t a rookie when it comes to NHLers. She started her career in Tampa working as a ice reporter, moved on to a similar job with the Atlanta Thrashers and got her start with ESPN as a hockey reporter.

She likes hockey (players).

It’s been an amazing 30 days for sideline reporter dating news. Samantha Steele gets engaged and married two weeks later to Vikings QB Christian Ponder, which leads to Erin Andrews announcing a jersey chasing relationship with a locked out Kings center.


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Erin Andrews Gets Into Twitter Feud With Stalker-ish CindyInLA6



How does Erin Andrews handle Twitter stalkers? She fights with them. Take the case last night that developed between Andrews and the shadowy figure known as @CindyInLA6. Pageviews might have 1,671,172 followers, but that doesn’t mean she’s not watching the nasty mentions from the maniacs.

Take this exchange where Andrews calls in an airstrike from Chrissy Teigen.


One of Cindy’s wild claims is that Andrews released photos of herself and Jarret Stoll on New Year’s Eve partying with Chrissy Teigen and John Legend because Samantha Steele got married in December. That’s right, someone is a little wacko with wild theories.

You might remember that Andrews’ peephole stalker Michael David Barrett was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in federal jail. Understandably, she’s touchy when it comes to nutjobs.

That only seems to get CindyInLA lathered up.

Picture 5

Why does Andrews even address the maniacs who send her such nonsense? That would be a good question from an Esquire writer or Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch.

Meanwhile, it seems Cindy will be getting a visit from the authorities.

Picture 6

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Erin Andrews Spent Sunday With The Stanley Cup [PHOTO]


Erin Andrews Stanley Cup

After working the sidelines for Saturday’s game between the Packers and 49ers, Erin Andrews spent her Sunday like any of the rest of us. She had a casual afternoon watching some football and relaxing…oh, and she hung out with the Stanley Cup.

We can only assume Pageviews was hanging out with her new squeeze, L.A. Kings forward Jarret Stoll. You might remember when we broke the story that Andrews spent New Years in Vegas with Stoll?

Well, it looks like this photo all but confirms that these two are an item. Can’t wait to see Andrews pretending like she knows hockey in about two weeks when Stoll has her in a suite at the Staples Center.

[h/t Erin Andrews Instagram]

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