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    Erin Andrews Snap

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but James the Assistant has been doing way fewer Erin Andrews Twitter War posts since she got that massive judgement from Marriott. Fewer fights means fewer posts, which means fewer chances to check in with the Queen Mother of Sideline Reporting. I miss the days when she’d fight 10 tweets deep with the haters who’d attack her over things like her face, her clothes or some other mundane nonsense.

    Pageviews is 38 now. She’s getting beyond that stage in life, I supposed.

    Ahh, but she’s pivoted from Twitter to killing it on Snapchat. That’s where she Snaps things like running errands with Coke Mule and celebrating his 33rd birthday this morning with a little breakfast.

    He seems amused.


    joekinseyErin Andrews SnapjoekinseyErin Andrews Snap

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    Good news for Bossman Joe — Erin Andrews is back to burying her haters on Twitter. Things expectedly cooled down a bit after country music fans complained about her hosting the CMT Awards a couple weeks ago, but now she’s back and refreshed.

    One troll found out the hard way after making this Jarret Stoll coke joke to his pal:

    Huge mistake. Dude found out quickly if you’re going to shoot at EA, you’re better off having a Twitter egg avatar:

    [Erin Andrews- IG]


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    Erin Andrews (and many Tampa Bay Lightning fans) received great news today with captain Steven Stamkos forgoing free agency to sign an eight-year deal with the squad. EA obviously sides with whatever team Jarret Stoll plays for, but she often shows major love for her home team:

    A pretty harmless tweet, but, of course, this is EA’s Twitter account we’re talking about so things took a turn for the worst quickly in the form of a troll suggesting plastic surgery. He was promptly taken to the shed with a brutal #livesinmomshome retort:

    [Erin Andrews- IG]


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    Pretty much everyone in America lost it when 16-year-old Simone Manuel became the first black woman to win gold in a swimming event last week. BC head honcho Joe was pumped and tweeted about the emotional medal ceremony, and so did our favorite sideline reporter, Erin Andrews:

    Of course, this is EA so people got worked up about her not mentioning Canada’s Penny Oleksiak, who also won gold in the 100m freestyle:

    The trolls did not succeed in getting Penny a shoutout from EA:

    [Erin Andrews- IG]


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    Season 23 (!) of “Dancing With the Stars” kicked off with major drama after protesters stormed the stage following Olympian Ryan Lochte’s performance.

    As you can see in the GIF below, one anti-Lochte protester was absolutely rocked in what was probably “DWTS’” most interesting moment ever:

    Pretty interesting stuff! But Erin Andrews wasn’t feeling it and was caught looking a little frazzled by the end of the show:

    With a candid photo like that, you already know keyboard warriors just had to tweet something at EA, but she hit back hard as she typically does:

    [Erin Andrews- IG]


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    Erin Andrews was busy patrolling the sidelines and doing her job at The Coliseum on Sunday, but one Rams fan apparently expected more from the busy TV personality.

    Yes. Rams fan Art was at the home opener and took to Twitter to dish out some unwanted advice to EA: greet random people!

    EA quickly squashed Art with his own hashtag:

    EA probably won’t have to worry about fans badgering her next week at Redskins-Giants. Everyone should be busy verbally assaulting Josh Norman.

    [Erin Andrews- IG]


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    Will Erin Andrews ever stop scrolling through her Twitter notifications? Perhaps it’ll happen one day, and this Twitter Wars bit will be put to rest forever — but that’s not happening today.

    Once again, some unhappy “Dancing With the Stars” viewers took aim at the host, and EA promptly shot back:

    Nothing we haven’t seen before here. However! EA also dropped some sarcasm on a Donald Trump supporter who hates the media, which is a welcome change of pace:

    [Erin Andrews- IG]


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    Unfortunately for readers who enjoy Erin Andrews lowering the boom on miserable Twitter trolls, it’s been pretty quiet on that front for a while. Yep, it finally looks like EA has stopped taking all the bait littered in her notifications — that’s some real growth on her part.

    But she reverted back to Troll Smasher last night on a “DWTS” viewer who can’t stand her presence:

    Other viewers weren’t as nasty, like this dude who noticed she has quite the wingspan:

    [Erin Andrews- IG]


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    As per usual on Monday nights, the keyboard warriors were out to unload on Erin Andrews during “Dancing With the Stars.” After like two years on this beat, I’m still unsure what the point of directly mentioning EA is (anyone with a pulse knows she’s aware), but hey, they open themselves up to direct burns so that’s cool for me.

    Last night, we had a Twitter egg be pro-EA just to enjoy the “trainwreck:”

    And EA was on that shit instantly, as she fired back like five minutes later — super impressive response time to call out someone while working:

    [Erin Andrews- IG]


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    It always makes me laugh when I see people on Twitter complaining about the lack of clothing on “Dancing With the Stars.” This show has been going on for like 30 seasons now — more skin from both contestants and professionals is part of their key to dominating ratings.

    The trolls were back at it Monday night, specifically taking aim at Erin Andrews’ dress. By DWTS’ standards, it wasn’t even close to being the most offensive thing they’ve put someone in, but hey, trolls are gonna troll:

    Apparently he was just looking out for EA:

    [Erin Andrews- IG]


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    Most of Southern California missed out on Cardinals-Vikings (GOFF!), but thanks to Erin Andrews we know two things for sure: Xavier Rhodes took advantage of washed up Carson Palmer, and there was an “amazing jacket situation” going on:

    Can’t really dispute that claim — we’d imagine the dome helps expand wardrobe options.

    But, of course, this is EA so a father of two had to come out firing shots about male reporters having more credibility:

    EA wasn’t even reporting when she tweeted out the photo, but it didn’t matter:

    [Erin Andrews- IG]


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    Most of us spent Thanksgiving stuffing our faces and drinking heavily to drown out political talk. But it looks like there was one demo that went about business as usual — Erin Andrews haters!

    Really, what better way to spend the holiday than throw a Twitter fit about EA working the Redskins-Cowboys game?

    Huge mistake with that hashtag — EA always snuffs those out:

    [Erin Andrews- IG]


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  • 12/08/16--17:01: Is Erin Andrews Engaged?
  • It’s been pretty quiet on the Erin Andrews front lately, but she certainly dropped the hammer this afternoon with quite the social media update.

    Pageviews took to Twitter (and IG) and used the expected frigid temperatures at Lambeau Field this weekend to hint at Jarret Stoll possibly popping the question:

    No outlets have confirmed anything (yet), but this random dude claims he witnessed it:

    It was 2014 when BC first pointed out Pageviews thirsting for an engagement ring — you might remember this quote from an old interview with ABC News:

    “I’ve definitely dropped hints here and there,” she said. “But we haven’t looked at rings. … Nothing there yet, the ball’s in his court,” she added laughing. “But no we are fine! We’ve had enough on our plate for the last two years of dating and haven’t really gone there yet.”

    Since then, we’ve seen a couple get engaged right in her face on “Dancing With the Stars” while Stoll dealt with personal issues of his own. You know, just a little cocaine and molly possession mishap at the Wet Republic pool in Las Vegas.

    We’ll update this post once we learn more.
    [Erin Andrews- IG]


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    You get D1-AA playoff action tonight on ESPN2 if you need a fix. That’ll be Sam Houston at JMU. Total bro-fiesta there at JMU to keep your eyes on. Maybe a little snow? You know the rest of the schedule: bunch of NBA, NHL, B1G volleyball tournament, random soccer, etc. Not sure what I’ll get into tonight. Maybe stuff done in the baby’s room.

    Kate Upton vs. blue spandex…she’s in wedding shape

    Meet Blen Joseph…on a pool table

    Erin Andrews: Hint, hint…I’m engaged

    Steve Spurrier struggling with that selfie

    Bobby V. getting a job from Trump?

    This Florida Woman hid lighter under ass fat rolls, started fire in jail

    • Savannah Guthrie popped out a baby boy, Today Show ran this pic

    Meet Samm from SDSU

    Mets Fan Who Loves Photoshop Wheel of Fortune Video of the Week

    Sandwich of the Day


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    After a weekend of outlets speculating whether or not coke mule Jarret Stoll popped the question to Erin Andrews, we finally have confirmation that Pageviews got her elusive rock.

    Her former “DWTS” dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy dropped the hammer in an interview with Fox 5 Las Vegas as “payback,” while observant viewers might’ve seen some bling on Pageviews’ hand during her interview with Richard Sherman:

    Now that we’ve cleared that up, we can move on to more important things — Pageviews stomping on a Twitter troll who thought she was afraid of Sherm:

    Point goes to EA here. She’s on the record saying she “loved” that infamous interview.

    Bonus Twitter Wars: Pageviews engages troll convinced Fox Sports is out to hire all the blondes.

    [Erin Andrews- IG]


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    There haven’t been too many details on the Erin Andrews-Jarret Stoll engagement beyond last week’s “Lambeau hint,” but social media activity suggested that the big moment went down in Disneyland.

    EA confirmed that fact today with her #TBT Instagram post:

    LAKings.com also had specifics on how Stoll popped the question in a recent article about his future:

    What isn’t so unclear for Stoll is his future with Andrews. The sportscaster and Dancing with the Stars host accepted a marriage proposal from Stoll last week at Disneyland. The proposal happened at the exclusive Club 33, just before the couple was whisked off to a front row seat for the fireworks spectacular.

    Easy move for Stoll going with the Disneyland play considering it seems to be a go-to spot for EA.

    [Erin Andrews- IG]


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    It may be a New Year, but there are just some things that prevail and stay timeless — like Erin Andrews Twitter wars! The trolls, weed-like, keep firing away while Pageviews digs deep into her notifications to pick and choose who to curbstomp. It’s a practice I’ve come to appreciate while on this beat.

    I mean, who doesn’t love Pageviews going for the jugular on this Knicks homer who had nasty things to say about her profession?

    That direct mention earned him a mom burn:

    [Erin Andrews – IG]


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    If you’re betting on the Super Bowl, you may want to stay away from this weekend

    Wild Card weekend is a fun weekend to bet on. Weird shit happens year after year, so if you plan on riding one of these teams to SB 51, you might want to rethink it. Covers did a nice piece on how recently, Wild Card weekend has had zero effect on the Super Bowl. None. So if it stays like it’s been the last few years, don’t plan on any of these teams getting to Houston. “If a specific and current three-year Super Bowl trend holds true this season, you can go ahead and eliminate every team scheduled to play on Wild-Card Weekend from contending for this year’s Vince Lombardi Trophy. In fact, if this particular trend continues, then you can eliminate every single playoff participant outside of the New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys. That’s right, football fans. Each of the last three Super Bowls has featured the AFC’s top seed against the NFC’s top seed. Broncos-Panthers, Patriots-Seahawks, Seahawks-Broncos. No sleepers, no upsets, no Wild-Card participants. It’s been nothing but the chalkiest of chalk playing on the biggest of stages for the ultimate prize.”

    Numbers from:

    I think they've made their pointdannycrawford30I think they've made their pointdannycrawford30

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    Nothing gets the Twitterverse into a frenzy quite like a postgame interview with Erin Andrews. People just love to hate on her style, and Sunday was no different with EA delivering hard-hitting questions like, “Are you breathing at all?” to Packers hero Aaron Rodgers:


    Bad move, Chris. Poking a star sideline reporter who was stuck at Dallas FW Airport because of a tornado warning is never a wise a idea.

    To no one’s surprise, Pageviews promptly took Chris out to the shed:

    Here is the entire EA-Rodgers interview for those who missed it:

    [Erin Andrews- IG]


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    Rest of Super Bowl Week on BC

    The boss flew down to Houston last night for the rest of the week, so he’s going to be getting all kinds of content down there leading up to the weekend. Radio row, talking to athletes, all sorts of stuff. That means me, the weekend guy, will be taking my talents to regular work week all the way through Super Bowl Sunday with LA James. It’s going to be a big week with tons of material flowing in from Houston, as well as your normal internet shit that we blog about every day.

    Numbers from:

    This Way Out®:



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    That didn’t take long. Erin Andrews is already looking at her comments. At 9 a.m. CT on Super Bowl Sunday in Houston where she’ll be workin’ a sideline for the Fox broadcast. I’m sure she’ll also have some heartfelt interview with one of the players before the game that will include sappy music and some sort of feel-good moment where the player takes a deep breath to reflect on life. Meanwhile, Pageviews will get a tear in her eye and the Fox Nation will suddenly feel super sappy for life in the 1950s.

    It’s a Fox broadcast. Remember that. Troops. 1950s. Life as it used to be. Yada, yada, yada.

    Annnnnnnndddd Pageviews is already firing up the Twitter machine looking to argue on one of the biggest days of her career. She’s working the game where Tom Brady can put to rest the greatest QB of all-time argument and this is how she starts the day.

    Clearly she’s not going to take your shit today. That means is the perfect time to troll her. Go for it. We’re here to keep track of her reactions.


    Today’s Super Bowl sideline crew:



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    If you like Erin Andrews fighting with random people, you may end up getting Erin Andrews fighting with a member of the media after the salvo launched late last night by former ESPN college football writer Travis Haney towards Pageviews and how she once treated him.

    Haney, who started at ESPN in 2012, didn’t expand on his treatment by Pageviews. And we know it wasn’t some sort of drunken moment during the Super Bowl gone bad. Now a 247Sports college football writer, @travhaney didn’t delete the tweets after getting a solid night of sleep.

    Fighting words, folks. Here they are.

    Annnnnndddddd…that will eventually get a reaction. Pageviews isn’t one to back down from confrontation on Twitter. If she’ll fight with a Twitter egg, she’s going to have words for Haney. I can just feel it. This will get back to her.

    The unfortunate thing about this potential Twitter war is that Haney wouldn’t expand on the details.

    It wasn’t always bad for these two. We’ll have to wait for the full report as to when things went south.


    What have I been told about Pageviews by people who have worked with her? They’ve told me she’s a pain in the ass. Let’s just call a spade a spade. This goes back to the College GameDay days. Am I shocked? Not at all. Have you ever been around sports TV people in general? Most of them are a pain in the ass. Most of them are walking 30 Under 30 or 40 Under 40 trophy chasers.

    I met Pageviews once at Florida State during a GameDay stop. Asked for a photo. She was fine. Of course there were 500 people surrounding her.

    Folks, it’s entertainment. I’d be pissed if they all had the kindness of a Red Cross volunteer in a war-torn country. I NEED some of them to be assholes. It keeps this whole thing rolling.

    Have a Pageviews interaction we need to hear about? I can keep it anonymous:



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    We thought it was a total lock that Erin Andrews would clap back at former ESPN college football writer Travis Haney after he called her out for being rude earlier this week. EA has unleashed hellfire on random egg avatars for much less, but it’s looking like she isn’t going to give Haney any more exposure, which is a total bummer. An ESPN alumni Twitter war would have been tremendous.

    Nonetheless EA is back to doing her thing and slamming trolls on Twitter. Today, she curb stomped some basement dweller who fired a snippy reply at her:


    Nothing worse than being called a loser by EA.

    [Erin Andrews- IG]


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    The wedding registry we have been waiting for is finally here… Erin Andrews and Jarret Stoll!

    If you’ve been wondering why EA hasn’t been schooling haters on Twitter lately, there’s your answer — she (and Stoll) are obviously busy planning their big day. According to their registry, the wedding is set for June 24 in Marina Del Rey.

    A summer wedding makes sense for EA. Plenty of time to have fun and honeymoon before getting back to that NFL/DWTS grind in the fall.

    As for your registry buying options, the list isn’t huge — 23 items at WS and 18 at Zola.

    Some stuff from Williams-Sonoma:

    And Zola (get that $60 football book):

    It goes without saying, but BC Joe shouldn’t expect an autographed thank you card here.


    0 0

    It’s safe to say that miracle overtime three pointer by Chris Chiozza triggered poor Wisconsin fans who thought their school booked a ticket to the Elite 8. Just take a look at this guy who went from 0 to 100 so fast after seeing Florida alum Erin Andrews tweet out a slew of gator emojis:

    Overreaction, much?

    Dude eventually deleted the tweet, but we all know EA never passes up an opportunity to fire back at troll tweets:


    0 0

    Just when I thought the Pageviews Twitter Wars beat was dead, a self-described Christian decided to spend his Sunday night hammering away at Erin Andrews to bring it back to life. We’ve posted a lot of trolls over the years, but no one nearly as angry as “Christian, Sports scribe,” @CaseyNYC1, who believes EA is destined for IHOP once her looks fade, or whatever:

    Normally these keyboard warriors back off once EA hits them with a response — this guy decided to ramp it up with Jarret Stoll coke references:

    He seems like a stable dude:


    0 0

    Bad news for fans of the Erin Andrews “Pageviews Twitter Wars” series… I’m pretty sure that beat is mostly dead. EA hasn’t engaged angry basement dwellers for a while now, and I’m quite thankful for that — there are miserable people on the BC timeline.

    However! You can get your EA fix by checking out her cover on the July issue of Health Magazine:

    There’s also a Q&A on Health.com in which she discusses a number of topics that include: her cancer scare, frozen embryos, and Jarret Stoll apparently being an ace wedding planner:

    I heard Jarret has been doing a lot of the wedding planning, but what’s been your favorite part of your big-day prep?

    He loves to plan a party—I mean, the guy even helped me with the freakin’ calligraphy the other day. What a gem. The dress part of the wedding I appreciate because we’re really going for it.

    This is EA’s second Health cover as she was featured in an August issue back in 2014.


    0 0

    Six months after the Happiest Engagement on Earth, Erin Andrews and Jarret stoll reportedly tied the knot Saturday in a Montana wedding.

    The exclusive details from People.com:

    Andrews’ rep confirms to PEOPLE that the two were married in Montana on Saturday at a sunset ceremony. The duo said their vows in front of an intimate group of friends and family and then celebrated with a reception — all designed by celebrity wedding planner Yifat Oren. Andrews wore a stunning gown designed by Carolina Herrera.

    We actually told you guys back in March that Erin and Jarret had a June wedding planned — makes total sense to get this over and done with before NFL season revs up.

    Erin’s sister, Kendra, threw up an IG pic of the Andrews family on their big day:

    Looks like Michael Strahan made Erin’s “intimate group of friends” cut:

    As did Larry David for pre-wedding drinks:


    0 0

    Vegas and Lavar Ball have some differing opinions on the 2017-18 Lakers

    On draft night, LaVar Ball did what he does and predicted that Lonzo will lead the Lakers to the playoffs. Now he’s gotten some of his wild predictions right (Lonzo to LA) and some of them hilariously wrong (UCLA winning the title). Vegas disagrees with his latest one:  LaVar Ball can back up his bold prediction with his wallet at the Westgate sports book, which posted props on the Lakers and three other teams making the 2017-18 NBA playoffs. Los Angeles had the third-worst record in the NBA last season at 26-56 while missing the playoffs for the fourth straight year. Will the Lakers make the playoffs next season? Yes is the plus-500 underdog. No is the minus-700 favorite. “Not under their current construction,” said Westgate sports book manager Jeff Sherman, a lifelong Lakers fan. “It’s going to be tough this year because they’re going to let the kids go and play.”

    Numbers from:

    Stuff you guys sent in & stuff I like



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    There hasn’t been much by the way of Erin Andrews content since her big Montana wedding in July, but it looks like Pageviews hit The Gram hard this morning to share pictures from her Euro honeymoon with Jarret Stoll.

    EA told Extra back in July that their getaway would come right before NFL season:

    The “Dancing with the Stars” host and Fox NFL reporter is planning on getting away with her new husband for their honeymoon very soon. She said, “It’s coming up… Right before football season… It’s kind of shut-down mode in September, so we’ll get it in before then.”

    And it looks like these two were able to max and relax in Greece and Spain before life becomes all about Tom Brady, the Cowboys, and Zeke’s suspension:


    0 0

    There’s nothing quite like the fall… football is in session, MLB regular season games finally matter, and “Dancing With the Stars” IS BACK, which means dance fans are polluting Twitter with their disdain for Erin Andrews. It’s a tradition like no other.

    Now, Pageviews hasn’t ethered any trolls for quite a while (you might have heard she got married), but she engaged one salty viewer who is apparently tapping out from the show because of her presence:

    Old Pageviews tells this person to crawl back into her hole — we’re going to have to get used to this gentler, sarcastic approach.


    0 0

    The Ryan bros are off the hook from their Nashville bar fight

    Remember back in June when Rex and Rob Ryan tagged teamed some dude at a Nashville Margaritaville during the Predators Stanley Cup run? How you could forget, it’s a classic Ryan brothers moment now. Well, they’re officially off the hook as of yesterday and won’t be charged with assault. TMZ has the details: As we previously reported, the NFL coaches were involved in a dust-up at a Margaritaville restaurant in Nashville back in June — where they allegedly assaulted a fellow patron who wouldn’t leave their table. The man filed a police report for simple assault and officials opened up an investigation into the Ryans. But now, Nashville police spokesperson Noelle Yazdani tells TMZ Sports … the district attorney has declined to move forward with charges … so the case is closed and the Ryans won’t be prosecuted. Sometimes things just get a little too rowdy when your day drinking some margaritas in Nashville. No need for it to get too serious.

    Numbers from:

    Stuff you guys sent in & stuff I like:

    Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 8.25.09 AMdannycrawford30Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 8.25.09 AMdannycrawford30

    0 0

    Need more advice on where to watch March Madness in Vegas?

    The Las Vegas Sun has you covered this morning. I’ve already covered how the Hard Rock deal sounded pretty good to me, and now this one sounds like a great option as well:

    Hoops & Hops inside the 40,000-square-foot Belmont Ballroom at the Cosmopolitan includes high-definition projection screens, an on-site sports book, free-throw shooting competition, and complimentary bar games such as Golden Tee and Super Shot. Admission includes access to the open bar. There’s an option to purchase unlimited buffet. Three-day open bar pass is $475. A single-day pass for Thursday or Friday is $225; $125 for Saturday. 

    Complimentary bar games? Think of how much Golden Tee you can watch during TBS TV timeouts. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars. You’re talking 12 hours of games, like 6 hours of timeouts. No need for the buffet. Have one buddy designated as the food runner and you’re all set.

    Numbers from :

    The Spurs lost their 3rd straight on Monday and are now 10th in the West, falling outside the Top 8 this late in the season for the first time since 1996-97 (per @EliasSports).

    That was Gregg Popovich's 1st season as head coach and the last time the Spurs missed the playoffs. pic.twitter.com/RqFGgzl1jE

    — ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) March 13, 2018

    Stuff You Guys Sent In & Stuff I Like:

    @bustedcoverage meanwhile in Jersey https://t.co/msxNezwv5z
    phil cufaro (@ripits247) March 12, 2018

    Wyoming, PA seems ready for Easter pic.twitter.com/t18ZECFoUT

    — Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) March 12, 2018

    I'm hungover this morning but REce Davis is missing a shin pic.twitter.com/4CseSwXrA7

    — ESPN Drunk (@EspnDrunk) March 12, 2018

    4:25 a.m. i've been drinking all night & they want me to figure out whos winning pic.twitter.com/oDkH6hGUqw

    — ESPN Drunk (@EspnDrunk) March 13, 2018

    Instagram Photo

    Oh, and there's this one, too. pic.twitter.com/A8JYyzAyVG

    — Mike Cole (@MikeColeNESN) March 13, 2018

    Imagine meeting your soulmate and they have a dog with a human face pic.twitter.com/T2DQRHUXXE

    — Denlesks (@Denlesks) March 13, 2018

    Tonight on Fox, “Rick Pitino: If I Hypothetically Illegally Paid Recruits” pic.twitter.com/B5f7iCxIrp

    — Denlesks (@Denlesks) March 12, 2018

    @bustedcoverage https://t.co/SWD1FXcTaE
    FuZZ LoGiK (@Fu2Z) March 12, 2018

    Looks like I’ll be missing dinner at this golf course (from @johnnybonner) pic.twitter.com/TsVvYS0KF9

    — Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) March 13, 2018

    Instagram Photo
    Instagram Photo

    Can you give me an initial? What the hell @espn https://t.co/I8v4FYXC1Y
    Mel (@mel11ism) March 13, 2018

    @espn https://t.co/C3TbVZCFns
    Isaiah Thomas (@MadIsaiahThomas) March 13, 2018

    0 0

    It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Erin Andrews take time to shut down losers on Twitter, but she was back at it over the weekend after some troll sent her one too many tweets about the dangers of smoking. Random, but it’s true:

    Quit smoking….shows in your voice….don’t you want to live?

    — James Sabatino (@james_sabatino) March 19, 2018

    This guy James doesn’t seem like he’s worth the time, but EA finally gave in after receiving five bizarre tweets about hating smokers. She addressed him and spilled her brief encounter with Satan’s sticks during her time at Florida:

    James..I’ve taken one puff of cig in my life. I was a freshman in college and almost puked my brains out. I can assure you smoking isn’t my issue https://t.co/A3wKVw6W8W

    — Erin Andrews (@ErinAndrews) March 19, 2018

    And that was apparently all James needed to chill the smoking talk and become a fan, which EA found amusing:

    you tweeted me 6 times abt smoking and now you’ve chilled out just like that? Twilight zone

    — Erin Andrews (@ErinAndrews) March 19, 2018

    If you ask James, he’s just out here on Twitter trying to save lives:

    I wasn’t insulting, I was trying to save a life

    — James Sabatino (@james_sabatino) March 19, 2018

    Just trying to save lives

    — James Sabatino (@james_sabatino) March 19, 2018

    We weren’t joking about all those smoking tweets… dude was on one until he got a response:

    Quit smoking it’s disgusting

    — James Sabatino (@james_sabatino) March 8, 2018

    You’re a smoker and it shows…u smell it’s in your hair and pores and your lungs and tongue are black as coal….why? To blow smoke????

    — James Sabatino (@james_sabatino) March 11, 2018

    Don’t like smokers

    — James Sabatino (@james_sabatino) March 15, 2018

    Stop smoking!!!!!!

    — James Sabatino (@james_sabatino) March 16, 2018

    I hate smokers!!!!

    — James Sabatino (@james_sabatino) March 18, 2018

    0 0

    The guy in Vegas who shot up a Venetian picnic was a dealer

    Of course you remember this story. Guy goes to a park to stalk a couple of Venetian employees and shoots them at point blank range. From the Las Vegas Sun:

    Wrobel, described as disgruntled employee, drove to the park as the picnic was winding down and asked other employees where the executives were sitting, Plummer said. He found them at a gazebo area and without warning pulled a gun and shot the victims at point-blank range before fleeing, Plummer said. Both victims were taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center.

    Upon searching Wrobel’s property, investigators discovered there was some planning involved in the shooting, Plummer said without further explanation, citing the ongoing investigation.

    As for a possible motive, Plummer said, the suspect was a “disgruntled employee, a prime case of workplace violence where somebody was not happy with his condition and he resorted in violence to deal with an issue he was personally having.”

    Car was found at the airport, but they clearly don’t think he flew anywhere because the cops would’ve checked the flight logs. He probably Uber’d out of there and is holed up at some dive hotel north of Vegas. Just my hunch.

    Numbers from :

    This #MLB season, #Angels Mike Trout will make $34,083,000

    The payroll for #Marlins #OpeningDay starting lineup is $21,092,142.

    — Robert Raiola, CPA (@SportsTaxMan) April 18, 2018

    Stuff You Guys Sent In & Stuff I Like:

    @bustedcoverage Black Mamba spittin game on The Square! https://t.co/oxmyFNYAXl
    Tim Kay (@tkcaddie) April 18, 2018

    Impressive that the Bucks head coach was able to manage 7 turnovers from the bench @bustedcoverage https://t.co/xWLH2xiaMw
    Colin (@Furrdue) April 18, 2018

    I think we can all agree here… fuck Kevin Hart, and fuck ESPN. pic.twitter.com/CKtCfDZK3K

    — ESPN Drunk (@EspnDrunk) April 17, 2018

    Sometimes the laundry piles up and you need to call to the bullpen for a day pic.twitter.com/FFmMjnT4cs

    — Busted College (@BustedCollege) April 17, 2018

    You good bro?

    You are at a Blazers game wearing a Lillard Jersey and a god damn Bulls hat

    Like wtf https://t.co/MA3RHk2Or0
    Ya Boy Hannigan (@YBHannigan) April 18, 2018

    @EspnDrunk so apparently @SportsCenter thinks the Pelicans lost to the Blazers on Saturday. https://t.co/fT8jfmdN2b
    Tim™ (@timzim1613) April 17, 2018

    Now it seems like Starbucks is trying way too hard to do damage control pic.twitter.com/8U03422YXr

    — Denlesks (@Denlesks) April 18, 2018

    Props to the guy at the #Yankees game sitting just left of home plate wearing a 'Put A-Rod in Monument Park' shirt https://t.co/DcfDbLSW2l
    PhanArt Pete (@PhanArt) April 17, 2018

    Seriously @espn?

    You get worse every day.

    @KevinHart4real thoughts? https://t.co/BLnpiYX3CV
    Tacos Golf Football Liker (@TimBeeSports) April 17, 2018

    Can anybody tell me what this says? @bustedcoverage https://t.co/t8BGToOatB
    Tim Roe (@paparoe1) April 17, 2018

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    Done messed around and ran into @POTUS44 at the Airport in Cuba #Obama https://t.co/sjFQgm2s3r
    Bronson E. Woods (@RunBronsonRun) April 11, 2018

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    Erin Andrews and husband Jarret Stoll have called in an expert to deal with their golden retriever Howard and a couple of issues their good boy needs to work through. It sounds like one of the problems is leash aggression. If you’ve ever had a dog that pulls, it can be difficult to deal with. In California you call in the legend Cesar Millan and his Dog Psychology Center to get Howie into Cesar’s pack.

    You know how this goes: Howie had to find his spot in the pack. That means he got to run along as Cesar biked around the California mountains. You also know that Pageviews and Stolly had to go through a consultation and they had to learn some behavior rules on how to properly handle big Howie.

    It’s unclear if Pageviews turned this into a TV opportunity and I have zero clue if Cesar’s show is even on TV these days. Not looking it up. What’s clear here is that owner and dog are learning how to coexist and Cesar will show them the way. I’m guessing all of this took about an hour of TV time.

    How much is it to get Cesar Millan to personally work with your dog? I have no clue, his site won’t say.

    Instagram Photo

    Instagram Photo